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Hydro – Gloucester



Project Description

In early 2020, Stewarts Commercial Contractors undertook and completed a number of works for an aluminium specialist, Hydro Components, one of the world’s biggest aluminium businesses and the largest outside of China in their multi-million-pound development in Gloucester after their acquisition of new land – Hydro had closed down their Yorkshire facility and redeveloped a brownfield site local to their manufacturing facility in Gloucester.

On this 10,000m2 site the phased works we completed for Hydro were:

  • Car Park & Storage Facility
  • Temporary Car Park
  • Manufacturing Warehouse Re-Roof
  • Manufacturing Warehouse Extension





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July 2021

Car Park & Storage Facility

The first phase of the project was to build a car park for employees as well as storage areas for a variety of company tools, components, and stock that needed to be kept safe and secure on-site.

To guarantee that this area was well-lit and safe for employees and visitors, the space was paved and lights were erected around the car park border.

We also erected a brand new electrical substation, underground drainage and services infrastructure, perimeter retaining walls, and civil engineering works in addition to the surfacing.

Temporary Car Park

Alongside this, we created a temporary car park for staff and visitors to use on-site while the final touches were being put in place for the new car park. This involved levelling out a large area on site for vehicles to be parked.

Manufacturing Warehouse Re-Roof

During Phase Three of the building phase, Hydro hired Stewarts to conduct a comprehensive reroofing project on the existing warehouse while maintaining maximum efficiency, saving the client money.

We worked closely with the customer to create a work plan that assured the factory’s 24-hour output was never halted. A huge fire in 2019 destroyed the roof, necessitating structural restoration as well as cladding replacement.

Manufacturing Warehouse Extension

We also extended the production warehouse in the fourth phase to provide Hydro with much-needed space to develop its manufacturing process. This procedure resulted in a 33 per cent increase in production space.

There was also a 100 per cent increase in Material Storage.

“We started the 10,000m2 site expansion in early 2020 with the acquisition of new land. Our ambitious vision included more high-quality production space with 100% more material storage. Our requirements & project complexity grew to include re-roofing the existing 6,000m2 building while we maintained 100% production.

We demanded tough HSE, time, and quality expectations. Even with the huge number of trades, COVID19 and environmental issues we experienced, all targets were met fully and to an impressive standard. The project was a success and the dependable Stewarts approach was to thank.”

John Bishop – Technical Area Manager, Hydro

In Summary

It was a pleasure to finish this project for Hydro and help them realise their vision for the project.

We overcame many obstacles along the way, including keeping the project on track during a pandemic, but we are thrilled that everything went smoothly and that we were able to contribute to the creation of an incredible and efficient space in which Hydro can grow as a company – the expansion is expected to create 40 new jobs.