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DHL Basildon
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In an era where environmental consciousness and technological innovation are paramount, Stewarts Commercial Contractors, in partnership with Evitec, proudly embarked on a trailblazing project at DHL’s Basildon warehouse. This initiative not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also demonstrates our ability to integrate cutting-edge, sustainable solutions into complex commercial environments.

Setting a New Industry Standard

The DHL Basildon project presented a unique opportunity to redefine what a modern logistics facility could be. Beyond mere functionality, our vision was to create a space that resonated with DHL’s ambitious environmental goals while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency. This case study takes you behind the scenes of this transformative endeavour, illustrating our journey from conception to completion.

Embracing the Challenge

Entrusted with this prestigious project, our team at Stewarts Commercial Contractors, together with Evitec, was driven by a shared passion for innovation and a deep understanding of sustainable construction practices. We approached this task with a resolve to not just meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that every aspect of the warehouse fit-out aligned with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

A Testament to Collaborative Excellence

This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, uniting Stewarts’ expertise in commercial construction with Evitec’s proficiency in EV charging solutions. Together, we embarked on a mission to transform the DHL Basildon warehouse into a model of sustainable logistics, setting a benchmark for future projects in the industry.

As we delve deeper into this case study, we invite you to explore the nuances of our approach, the challenges we overcame, and the innovative solutions we implemented to bring this visionary project to fruition.






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Scope and Scale

The project involved a full-scale fit-out of the DHL warehouse in Basildon, incorporating the latest in eco-friendly technologies and smart design. Spanning 18 weeks, our team meticulously worked to infuse every aspect of the warehouse with cutting-edge features.

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Sustainability Installations: Leading the Charge Towards a Greener Future

A Commitment to Sustainability

Aligned with DHL’s net-zero targets, the project focused on implementing sustainable solutions across all areas, from heating systems to EV charging infrastructure.

The Role of Evitec

Our sister company, Evitec, played a crucial role in setting up the EV charging facilities, marking a significant step towards greener logistics.

Stewarts made a significant impact at DHL Basildon, showcasing their adaptability and commitment to excellence. Their approach to the project not only streamlined our operations but also enhanced our facility’s sustainability. They prove time and again their ability to exceed expectations, making them a valued partner.”

DHL Basildon – Dom Jefferson



The UK’s First All-Electric Heating System in a DHL Warehouse

We installed an innovative all-electric heating system, a pioneering move in the logistics sector. This system not only supports DHL’s environmental objectives but also sets a new standard for sustainable warehouse operations.

Ground Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system at the warehouse leverages ground source heat pumps, an energy-efficient solution that minimises the facility’s carbon footprint while maintaining optimal temperature control.

State-of-the-Art EV Charging Infrastructure

In collaboration with Evitec, we installed a comprehensive EV charging system within the car park. This infrastructure is designed to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles, reflecting DHL’s foresight in embracing a cleaner mode of transportation.

Innovative Warehouse, Office, Reception, and Toilet Fit-Out

Our approach extended beyond sustainability. The offices, reception area, and toilets were designed with a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and employee well-being. Each space was crafted to create an environment that is not only efficient but also comfortable and inviting.



A Model for Future Logistics

The completion of the DHL warehouse fit-out in Basildon is a landmark achievement in sustainable construction and design. It showcases how strategic planning, innovative technology, and a commitment to sustainability can come together to create a facility that is both efficient and environmentally responsible.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The various technologies and designs implemented contribute to a significant increase in operational efficiency, setting a new benchmark in warehouse design.

Employee Well-Being and Satisfaction

The thoughtful layout and inclusion of modern amenities have a positive impact on employee morale and productivity, demonstrating that sustainability and employee welfare can go hand in hand.

The Road Ahead

This project stands as a testament to Stewarts Commercial Contractors and Evitecs ability to deliver comprehensive, sustainable solutions in commercial construction. It underscores our commitment to innovation, excellence, and building a greener future.



The DHL warehouse fit-out in Basildon is more than just a construction project; it’s a symbol of transformative change in the logistics industry.

By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we have not only met DHL’s immediate needs but also contributed to a broader movement towards eco-friendly operations.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to DHL for their trust and collaboration and to our dedicated team for making this vision a reality.