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Pioneering the commercial charging point evolution

Services include:

  • Car Charging Solutions
  • Van Charging Solutions
  • HGV Charging Solutions

Stewarts Commercial Contractors, in seamless collaboration with our subsidiary, Evitec, provides comprehensive EV charging installation solutions for a myriad of organisations. Our services are essential for those keen to furnish their customers, visitors, and employees with EV charging points.

The provision of EV charging points reaches beyond immediate cost advantages. It allows your organisation to visibly demonstrate its commitment to reducing carbon footprints, thereby aligning your initiatives with your Corporate Social Responsibility goals and overarching corporate principles.

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Together with Evitec, a trusted authority in the UK for EV charging point installations, Stewarts Commercial Contractors offer a full suite of services. This ranges from consultancy to installation, testing, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

We cater to diverse public and private premises, where electric vehicles are either presently in use or anticipated to be in the future.

Our partnership with Evitec ensures we approach the design and installation of EV charging infrastructures holistically, prioritising user convenience, safety, and reliability. This harmonised strategy also leverages Evitec’s proficiency in installing bespoke charging points from various suppliers, including Pod Point, ROLEC, Shell, among others.

By upholding these stringent standards and drawing on the specialised expertise of our subsidiary, Evitec, we are primed to speed up the transition towards electrified transportation and thereby carve a path towards a more sustainable future.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. With the support of Evitec, we are determined to realise your vision for a greener tomorrow.

electric vehicle charging
electric vehicle charging